lego and play-doh

I came across this great blog post by Mark Surman called Definitions: media, freedom, web. I really like his concept about

Openendedness. The web is never finished. It’s built to be built on. The openendedness of digital things. Bulding things we can build on.

His concept corresponds very well with our idea and mission to have participants publish their produced videos under a Creative Commons license. This way they can contribute to the pool of creative material, which can be reused and remixed by future participants or anyone who feels a creative spark.
odd couple
I also very much like his definition of the web as:

“An infinite box of LEGO that lets anyone build (almost) anything.”

Explaining our concept, we usually refer to digital material, especially video, as clay (Play-Doh) of our times… and very soon we will start playing…

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